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"I liked the variety of speakers that attended and the how each of them brought something new and exciting to the table to learn from."  - Lauren Ewers, HR Coordinator, Veristor Systems

"I enjoyed the booking of high caliber HR as guest speakers."  - Lynn Mcgee, Marketing Manager, FiduciaryVest

"I enjoyed the entire day. The speakers were the best!"  - Susan Waits, V.P. Business Development, HSI Financial Services

"I thought all of the guest speakers did great!"  - Sandra Wingard, Asst. Director of Program, Girl Scouts

"I really enjoyed the speakers. I thought everyone was very accomplished & inspiring."  - Rachel Kohl, Digital Asset Manager, Turner Broadcasting

"I liked that there were multiple speakers for shorter time frames which kept the audience engaged and not at risk of losing interest."  - Paula Wood, Talent Delivery Team Lead, McKesson